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Hey, I’m Coco. Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Biz Coach, CEO and Founder Of Wilde Tribe Academy and Events.

And if there’s one thing that I know about you, it’s that you’re meant for so much more….

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How do you feel when you wake up every day? If you’re feeling unfulfilled, worn out and uninspired…you’re not alone but it definitely doesn’t need to be your normal!


You’re here because you’re ready to create your own reality, launch your online business, explore and change the world. You can have anything that you decide.


As an online business coach aka. dream biz alchemist, I help new and aspiring coaches build intentional, manageable AND abundant businesses.


I’m here for the big-hearted women (that’s you) who are done with coasting along in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, done keeping yourself small, done with feeling trapped and SO done with feeling broke…this is the moment that all changes.


But you have to make the decision that it’s yours, and refuse to accept anything less. 

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I’m sharing some of my best advice with you in this online mini-course where you’ll learn…

  • The powerful three steps that any new and aspiring coach/online entrepreneur absolutely needs to implement into their business. 
  • Plus the business model I used to hit my first £10k within 3 months of my business whilst operating with balance and flow. 


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Free #SelfLover Meditation

It’s no secret that meditation is the super drug of choice for women that want to be happy, healthy and rich in self love. It’s time to OWN that feminine power of yours. Heal those parts of yourself that you’ve been running from. Your self worth = your net worth. 


Download this free guided meditation to begin your love-led inner journey and connect to your self lover within.

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Over the past year, I've built a soulful, love-fuelled business that allows me complete freedom, abundance and success on my own terms. A high vibe lifestyle that includes indulging my wanderlust, teaching or taking a yoga class at 2pm on a Monday, speaking at wellness events and festivals and working with soul clients whilst being completely and unapologetically myself. This is exactly what I want for you too - your way.

coco tiekle, wellness, wellbeing, glow, get it, glowing, health, coach, lifestyle, career, mentor, business, passion, purpose, happiness, guidance

Until a few years ago, I was completely lost. I’d forgotten what it was like to be truly happy. Disconnected from who I was. I was highly sensitive, highly strung and felt full of fear – all the time. I felt stuck. And I had no idea what to do about it. Except judge myself, and get more and more frustrated. Despite the fact that I lived ‘well’, I was depressed, anxious and deeply unfulfilled. I felt my life lacked any sense of meaning and purpose. I spent like crazy on crap I didn’t need (all on a credit card!) just to fill the gaping void of unhappiness.

coco tiekle, wellness, wellbeing, glow, get it, glowing, health, coach, lifestyle, career, mentor, business, passion, purpose, happiness, guidance

But on 10 April 2016, my beautiful dad died and it flipped my world upside down. When the fog of deep grief had lifted, I realised that life is way, WAY too short to waste torturing myself…and, okay, let’s be honest, to waste constantly wishing that I was on vacation. And so I set off on a journey to find out what creates genuine and lasting happiness. Because that’s what I so desperately wanted for myself! I decided to make a change. To stop letting my fears and doubts rule my life. From that decision, I told myself that I would stop waiting for it to magically happen to me and instead create my own reality. Take the leap, stop waiting for one day and just start.

I had always known that I wanted to be my own boss, I loved being creative, spiritual and inspiring others. I craved the 'laptop lifestyle' of being able to travel and take my work with me whilst earning the money I desired through balance and flow rather than hustle and burn out. Fast forward to now and I'm living in London, traveling the globe (in the past year I've been to Italy, Dubai, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Bali...just to name a few!), I work with women around the globe to build and launch their own purposeful, manageable, abundant online businesses using my signature #thebalancedboss framework.

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My coaching is designed to guide ambitious, big-hearted women to avoid the overwhelm of starting a new business, overcome the self worth and mindset blocks that hold you back from achieving and fulfilling big goals and dreams and stepping into abundance - and provide you with the business strategies and systems needed to create your own online empire that attracts a consistent stream of high end clients without the burnout and crazy hustle. A successful business is purposeful, manageable and abundant...let's create yours!

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