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Hey Sunshine!

Over the past few years, I've built a soulful, love-fuelled business that allows me complete freedom, abundance and success on my own terms. A high vibe lifestyle that includes indulging my wanderlust, heading out for a green juice at 10am, teaching or taking a yoga class at 2pm, speaking at wellness events and festivals and working with soul clients whilst being completely and unapologetically myself.

But until a few years ago, I was completely lost. I’d forgotten what it was like to be truly happy. Disconnected from who I was. But on 10 April 2016, my beautiful dad died and it flipped my world upside down. It was a game changer to say the least. The catalyst that set my life trajectory onto the right path. I realised that life is way, WAY too short to waste torturing myself…and, okay, let’s be honest, to waste constantly wishing that I was on vacation. 

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So I made a decision. I quit my corporate job with blind faith and a big vision.I decided to quit the BS and go all in on my dreams. I wasn't going to waste any more time waiting until I felt more "ready" or had "more money", but instead realise that all we have is now and I was going to make it count. Trusting in my soul's mission, trusting in myself, fully committing and taking inspired action to reach my goals. I knew my path was to share some good and help create more of the good stuff in the world - and so my business was born.

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Fast forward to now and I'm living in London, teaching yoga, writing and sharing my message over at the Make It Mylk blog, speaking at wellness festivals such as Be:Fit and Wanderlust, sharing my passions for purpose, clarity, holistic wellness and mindfulness through my online courses and masterclasses, DJing at epic events and designing websites + branding for honest wellness + lifestyle brands and yogis through my creative studio, Mylk Creative. To say my life is FUN would be an understatement!

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A big thanks for being here. Know this - your struggles don't define you. I know mine don't define me. You have so much power, there are always options and opportunities and I hope that I can inspire you to live your best darn life! Because what's the point of pursuing anything less?

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