Glowing Skin & Less Cellulite? Why You Need To Dry Body Brush

We brush our teeth and our hair, right? So why not our bodies? Now whilst I embrace a dimple here or there, I have genetics to thank for my upper thighs and bum being covered in a large amount of cellulite that no amount of water, creams, potions, powders or even exercise seemed to shift. Sure, it helped a little, but it wasn't until I started to regularly commit to a dry body brushing practice that I noticed a real change.

I first heard about dry body brushing about 10 years ago and picked up a brush only to put it immediately back down. Ouch! I remember thinking "who would willingly scrub themselves with this, it bloody hurts!?" But after some practice and research, I got my method down pat and even turned it into a little self love ritual where I'd whisper sweet nothings to myself whilst I brushed away. (Truly, that 5 minutes pre-shower is a prime opportunity to give yourself a little boost and connect to your body as you brush your skin!)

So - what is dry body brushing exactly? Well, exactly how it sounds. Essentially, with a dry brush prior to showering, using long strokes, you always brush up your body towards your heart. Starting from your feet and hands and moving upwards, focusing on problems areas and avoiding sensitive areas like your boobs.

Starting off gently with a new brush, over time you'll come to love the feeling of brushing away those toxins, dead skin and enjoying the benefits that dry body brushing has to offer. Here's what you need to know....

dry body brush cellulite
lymphatic system dry body brush

1. It reduces cellulite

Cellulite is essentially when the fat pockets beneath the skin appear lumpy as it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin to pucker like an orange peel. My main motivation for dry body brushing (and perhaps yours?) is to 100%, absolutely, no questions about it, to reduce my cellulite. Because dry body brushing increases blood flow, circulation and supports lymphatic drainage, which in turn is supposed to help the body eliminate toxins and flush out the extra fat, it's one of the best ways to minimise cellulite. And personally, no, it's not completely gone and I doubt it ever will be (I'm okay with that!) but it is significantly reduced.

2. It makes your skin silky smooth

Ready for glowing skin? Dry body brush, have a shower and follow it up with a body oil and trust me, you will G.L.O.W. As you're essentially brushing away dead skin cells (which you may even see coming off you as you brush), your skin is no doubt going to reap the rewards of silky smooth skin. I ramp up my routine in winter too as my skin becomes drier to ensure I avoid that 'scaly' look of dehydrated, dry skin. Now since you're brushing away dead skin, your brush will need a regular clean. So once a week, take your brush into the shower with you, give it a good wash and then leave it dry. Good as new!

dry body brushing cellulite lymphatic system

3. It boosts your immune system

The lymphatic system is part of our circulatory system and essentially lymph fluid picks up bacteria, toxins and waste from our blood filtering these through the lymph nodes where they're then destroyed. Poor blood circulation can cause this process to at times become sluggish. Not only resulting in cellulite and varicose veins, but also a compromised and weakened immune system. No bueno. By dry body brushing, you seriously stimulate the lymphatic system, assisting in removing all of the crap it's collected from your body, resulting in a stronger immune system and lower chance of getting sick. Sold!

4. It helps your body detox

As dry body brushing increases blood circulation, your cells and organs are receiving fresh oxygenated blood, allowing them to do their jobs better (always a win!). Plus by giving the lymphatic system a nice booster, your body is able to switch on it's natural detoxification process resulting in an overall healthier you.

Now these are just a few benefits of dry body brushing, add to the list that it helps with ingrown hairs and clogged pores and gives you a much needed natural energy boost, there really is no downside to giving it a go.

Start off with at least three minutes and work your way up to five minutes prior to showering. Sure, it may seem like a long time, but when you read the benefits above, it's worthwhile doing. Use the five minutes to truly appreciate and connect with your limbs, your body, each toe, finger, your belly - as you brush. It's a fabulous way to combine self love with self care and make your day just that little bit more mindful, observing your body and truly studying it, gifting it something it can seriously benefit from.

Begin with a softer brush and as you progress you can work your way up to a firmer brush.

Do you body brushing? Will you start? Definitely give it a go, I love it and trust you will too.


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