Review: Keep It Cleaner Program

I’ve signed up for a lot of exercise programs before - Kayla Itsines, Skinny Bitch Collective (I know right??), worked out at the gym like a mad woman, worked out with a personal trainer. In my search for the elusive ‘best body ever’ back in my unhappier days, I frequently handed over my money for what I thought might be different this time. It wasn’t until I got myself into yoga - and ended up loving it so much that I became a yoga teacher - that I really stuck with anything on the regular.

But recently, I’ve been wanting to mix up my routine a little bit. As I get older and approach 30, along with currently trying to get pregnant, I know my body needs and wants to stay fit and healthy - and my mind needs that too! Yoga is powerful stuff and it will never take a back seat to any other exercise that I do, but I’m always up for a little variety!

And yep, whilst I generally stick to a healthy, holistic lifestyle, as my work plate fills lately, I’m finding less headspace to plan meals and decide on when I’ll exercise and how. Sometimes it’s nice to just be told “here’s what you’re doing today”.…it’s one less thing to think about.

Enter the Keep It Cleaner (KIC) program.

keep it cleaner review

I actually came across Laura Henshaw over on Instagram not that long ago. As I was scrolling deeper through her feed, I was won over. First things first, Laura seemed like just a generally lovely chick! I loved her outlook on life, attitude to fitness and healthy eating and ended up making my way across to the KIC Instagram - the company Laura’s co-founded with Steph Claire Smith, only to discover that the program had ended! After being convinced that I needed in on this program (and reading the hundreds of positive reviews from those in the program about the recipes, the workouts, community aspect) I was so disappointed! But they said they’d be back, bigger and better and so I gave KIC a follow and waited to see it pop up again in my feed when that day came.

Well, here it is! I signed up instantly and dived into the back-end of the program to see what awaited me. And I’m impressed. Like - really impressed. The user interface is easy to use, easily navigated, clear and to the point. I can see why so many have been able to stick to this program. It’s doable.

Once you sign up and join, you enter the backend of the members area where there’s a list of each day. Under each day, you find your workout, your breakfast recipe, lunch recipe and dinner recipe. Some days with added challenges or meditations. Oh yes, medis? That’s a winner in my books. Each workout focuses on HIIT, boxing, strength and running (my nemesis).

Beyond your daily plan, there’s a huge catalogue of recipes to choose from and the ability to ‘favourite’ recipes and add all of the ingredients to a shopping list for the week. Quite simply, the whole process is incredibly easy - which is what we want from healthy living, right?

The community aspect is something that keeps me on track and they have a private Facebook group for KIC members so I look forward to seeing what becomes of that. Initial impressions (from Instagram comments etc) show me that I might be at the older end of ‘KIC girls’ but I’m okay with that. The workouts, recipes and routine would be suitable for any age!

Overall, first impressions are great. And for $16.50 a month (less than £9) it really can’t hurt to give it a try. Given how expensive gym memberships and classes are in London, I’m definitely saying yes to this option and creating a little home workout space in addition to my yoga practice.

I’ll pop back into this post in a month or two with an update on how I fared and whether I’ve managed to stick with it! You can check out the program here

p.s. this post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with KIC - this is my honest and no holds barred review!

So tell me, have you tried Keep It Cleaner before? Will you give it a go? What programs and routines have you managed to stick with consistently.

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