Mindful Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Bit late I know, but if you’re anything like me and have left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, this will help you along! I’ve been thinking about gifts for my husband (who really is the only person I need to buy for since we live in the UK and all of our family is in Australia!) but I keep seeing the most divine gift ideas for everyone! So here’s a round-up of both small and local and mindful gifts from not so small brands. Whatever gifts you decide to give, just be sure they’re not going to end up in landfill within 6 months. Many of these gifts - like the coffee cups, reusable bottles, slippers etc come in other colourways for the men in your life too! And the splurge items, let’s be honest, will make anyone happy.

The stocking filler

The smiles all round

The splurge