Modern Heirlooms

My take on sustainable style is buying things that you’ll know will last forever - or at the very last several seasons and years before on-selling. I do this a lot. Buy something that I know I’ll love and wear to death or that I might wear for a couple of years at least and then sell on Vestiaire Collective or eBay or even to a friend! It’s sustainability through timelessness - whether that be in my home or another!

But one thing that’s stood the test of time in my closet has been gold jewels. Most are an investment, but in terms of cost per wear and wearability, absolutely worth it.

As I get older, I want my jewels to reflect my personality and become somewhat part of my daily uniform. For me, that generally means faded blue high waisted jeans that hug in just the right places, a soft white tee loosely tucked in and these days in winter, an oversized knit messily ruched at the sleeves. Adding a coin pendant or layers of delicate chains instantly amps up the stylish pulse of my go-to casual style.

They work with my yoga gear too. Always a plus.

Here’s wrap-up of some of my favourites that I own and am lusting over. Gold never goes out of style. Wear them alone or layer them up with both casual and dressy outfits alike. You can’t go wrong.