My Morning Routine 2018

Ahhh morning routines. Just about everyone has one - or wants one! We hear it time and time again - the secret to mastering your day is through your morning routine. But what’s the secret to creating a powerfully productive one and actually sticking to it?

I think it’s actually quite simple - do what makes you feel good.

Like really feel good.

Each day is a chance for a fresh start and the beauty of it is, we decide how we are going to make the most of that day. I stand by morning routines. Mine allows me to slow down, tune in and get happy for the day ahead!

I tried so many others morning routines on for size in an effort to find one that fit, but it wasn’t until I actually created something I really enjoyed that it stuck!

Let me also just preface by saying not every day of mine looks like this. I am a human, and sometimes life happens and things pop up... but overall, this is how my mornings typically run.


7am // Wake up, scrape yo’ tongue and big glass of room temperature water

I am a HUGE believer in Ayurvedic rituals and my absolute favourite is tongue scraping. This practice removes the toxins and bacteria from your tongue that have built up overnight so that you’re not re-ingesting it. As opposed to brushing your tongue which just moves this bacteria around, tongue scraping actually removes it (and you’ll see it come off your tongue which is both gross and deeply satisfying!)

Hydrating after a night’s sleep is so crucial - we’re predominantly water after all and chronically dehydrated. Drinking a big glass of filtered, room temperature water at the beginning of each morning is an absolute non-negotiable for me.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.05.04.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.03.47.png

7.15am // Stretch and medi

I love to move in the morning. But not a whole lot. I'm not a big early morning exerciser but I do like to give my body a sign that it's time to commence the day! Being a yoga teacher, I know what what my body needs - and I listen to that! Sometimes I do what could be considered slow flow yoga, other days, just me moving in an intuitive way, listening to what my body needs. That might be dancing about in our kitchen putting my favourite new tunes on, it might be just having a really good stretch on our rug - lifting my shoulders up and down, opening up my hips, a few downward dogs or gentle back bends, whatever comes naturally! Then it's time for a meditation #medi.

I'm a Vedic/Transcendental meditator which means that I (am supposed to!) meditate twice a day for 20 minutes a pop. Look, some days this happens. Most days it doesn't. But I always make time for at least 10 minutes every morning. I sit in my 'spot' close down my eyes, take a few deep breaths and work with my mantra (given to me by my teacher, Jac from The Broad Place) to create stillness. It took me a long time to work up to 20 minutes. I would recommend starting with 5! Apps like Calm, HeadSpace are great too if you're new to meditation. I also have created a series of 9 guided meditations that personally I love (not biased at all!) that focus on a different need like Body Love, Anxiety, Mindful Morning, Third Space and more.


7.45am // Matcha time

Before I can do ANYTHING else, I have to have a matcha latte! I go to bed dreaming of this latte and look forward to it each morning! I like to drink it after my meditation as it's almost like my reward for sitting to meditate! You can find my go-to recipe here. I always take time to mindfully drink my matcha in the armchair by the bay windows in our flat. Usually Willow comes to join for a morning cuddle too. Just sitting quietly, enjoying the stillness of the morning and slurping up my yummy drink is enough to start me off on the right foot first thing.

My mantra really is 'make it mindful'. We have so many habits and rituals already within our day, just ask yourself, how can I make this moment mindful? How can I really BE here now? Just in the present. Distraction free. 

After matcha, I brush my teeth!


8am // Walk and podcast

Going for a walk and listening to a podcast is also something I occasionally do in the afternoon for a break! Such a great way to get moving and educate yourself at the same time. It honestly has been a game changer for me. I try to read as much as I can, but when I can't make time to sit down with a book, a great podcast is like my crack. Love them! I've shared my go-to podcasts here.

On my walk I also take the time and make an effort to really look around at what surrounds me. My favourite place to walk lately is in Brompton Cemetery in London, which might seem odd, but it honestly the most lush, green and old cemetery filled with squirrels, birds and so much history. I find cemeteries so interesting. They constantly remind me that I'll be there one day and I need to truly live while I can. 


8.30am // Smoothie and shower

Then it's home to make a smoothie for breakfast and have a quick shower unless I'm heading to a hot yoga class later.

I usually have a similar kind of smoothie each day - dependent on what's in my fridge! Most days it's a blend of spinach, banana, adaptogens, whatever mylk I have on hand or coconut water, hemp seeds + chia seeds (protein!), pumpkin seeds (great for acne) and that's it. I do switch it up based on how I feel, I have a well stocked 'smoothie' pantry with an abundance of powders, seeds, nuts, blends and more that I tend to just choose from based on how I'm feeling!


9am // To-do list and start my day!

I use Google Calendar but I'm old school when it comes to writing out to-do lists. I'll handwrite forever! I love physically checking things off my list - it's just how my brain works. Plus it helps me stay on track with just one task at a time - productivity level HIGH. Yes we may be able to multi-task, but never well. Sticking to just one task at a time has seen me create more in a day than ever before! That means emails shut off, socials shut off, distraction free whilst I write a blog post/design/write/research. Pro tip: If you need a serious productivity boost, play the same song over and over on repeat. I'm not joking. It does something incredible to your productivity levels!


That's it! I have so many rituals and routines throughout my day but I am always in the habit of asking myself, how can I make this mindful? How can I slow down, tune in and really appreciate what I'm eating/doing/seeing/touching/tasting! That in itself is a powerful morning routine.

What's your routine?

Where to next? Here’s a few suggestions!