Finding And Living Your Passion And Purpose

I’m asked this constantly - “How do I figure out what my passion and purpose is in life?”

The magic of passion and purpose is something that so many of us spend a lifetime in pursuit of. But the truth is, that all it takes is asking yourself the right questions, listening to your heart, tuning into your inner wisdom and not believing your minds limiting stories to find the elusive ‘answers’. Some of us have no clue and seek it out. Some of us know exactly what sets our soul on fire, but squash it down for later. Even after we finish school, even after we study, even after we get a job, even after we establish a career.

When I left school, I trotted off and studied a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney - was I passionate about Economics? No. Did I think my purpose in life was to be an economist? Ha! No. But it’s what everyone else was doing - studying to get a good job, so it’s what I was supposed to do too, right? I never took the time to tune out the outside noise and actually listen to my own heart - in fact, I never even gave myself a chance to.

I went with the flow, changing jobs and career aspirations more often that I changed my underwear, always wondering ‘is this it’? But never actually taking the time to stop and ask - ‘what really makes me buzz and fizz?’. I had resigned myself to another 40 years of the feeling ‘just okay’ and was secretly counting down the years until I could get pregnant and take maternity leave - thinking of pregnancy as an excuse to not work for a while. (That phrase in itself now makes me laugh and I’m sure you mumma’s will join me!)

I always put off my search of something bigger and better for ‘someday’. Until one day, time stood still. I had a meeting with death and the reality of mortality hit me like a tonne of bricks. 

I realised I could no longer coast along. It was now or never - because my time, it’s temporary, finite and never guaranteed. I didn’t just want to find my passion and my purpose on this planet, I had to. My world had changed, I had changed.

So I got real - and asked myself the questions that I had been putting off for so long.

And if you’re playing the story of “I don’t think I have any passions”, ask yourself -

finding passion and purpose coco tiekle
coco tiekle finding your passion and purpose


“What would I do everyday if I had a billion bucks?”

“What makes my belly flutter, makes me grin from ear to ear, what makes me fizz like champagne?”

“What am I drawn to, time and time again?”

“When do I feel most alive?”


And the answers? That’s passion. Pure, unfiltered, raw and real. That’s the juicy good sh*t you’ve been looking for. There might be just one burning passion for you, or there might be a galaxy’s worth - and this is something that I see with often, some of us have handfuls of ideas and don’t know which one to pursue.

That’s where asking yourself further questions about your purpose comes in.


“What do I feel called to do?” Beyond the outside noise and in your heart.

“What do I want to be remembered for?”


My biggest suggestion here is to take the weight out of figuring out a be and end all life purpose, and just ask “what do I want to do with the time I have on this planet that is important to me?” Find a problem you deeply care about and start solving it.

I believe that absolutely everything I have been through - the loss of my beautiful Dad and my own experiences with anxiety and depression have guided me to my purpose to support, inspire and help others truly live their life, not just exist. To live life in technicolour. To empower them to create and cultivate health, happiness and a life rich in love, meaning, happiness and adventure.

And I truly believe that when you start living and breathing your passion and purpose, it never feels like ‘work’. Is it work to me to support and empower incredible humans every day through my yoga teaching, writing and blogging, speaking and just simply showing up as my authentic self? To encourage them to nourish and nurture themselves? To hopefully inspire someone to chase that dream and follow that passion instead of waiting for one day? Hell no! That makes me freaking excited!


So stop making excuses. The road to living passion and purpose isn’t always an easy one - but I’m yet to meet someone who regrets taking the time to tune into that and give it a go. The most common regret of the dying - “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. The choice is always yours. You get to decide! 

And now I challenge you to be brave. Share with me your own passion and purpose is. Your comment might just inspire someone else to find the courage to express their own. I honour you for opening your heart and acknowledging what’s within.

Where to next? Here’s a few suggestions!