I’m all about nourishing my body with the best. From adaptogens to collagen to plant-based powders, these are what you’ll find in my kitchen pantry.

Beauty & bath

Shop inside my bathroom! From tip to toe, these are the clean beauties that I use every day to GLOW - naturally.


My style? Sustainability through investment pieces and high street hits in great fabrics that I know will last. I don’t impulse buy anymore or spend up on lots of small, cheaper items. But rather classics that yep, might cost me a fortune, but that I save my pennies up for and know will stand the test of time and be worn year after year. I love Australian designers like Bec & Bridge, Sir The Label and Spell for summer wear and British High Street for winter wear amongst a few lifetime-lasting luxe items. Since it’s winter here in the UK, here’s my winter faves.


From Ayurvedic tools like tongue scrapers and acupressure mats to zero waste living options. I’m all about living holistically and these goodies fit it with my values and ethos.


What you’ll find in my kitchen! From gadgets to zero waste storage options, these things I use daily!

 Women’s Health

I’m all about education and making smarter choices for our health. From zero waste sanitary options to strengthening my pelvic floor with ease and smart tech to books that have helped me in my journey. It’s all here.


I’m a big fan of expanding and educating through reading. Much of what we learn in school and university is through books, so why stop there? Continue for yourself. These are some of my favourites that I’ve picked up over the years and I know will help you evolve and grow.